The descriptions that follow provide examples of some of the types of assignments that Michael Grant Direct has completed.


Due Diligence - Business Plans and Acquisition Analysis
MGD completes due diligence studies for investment banking firms, private equity firms and others to validate marketing history and to estimate acquisition prices. This includes analysis of marketing campaigns, contact strategies and trend analysis to ensure that there is sufficient growth opportunity to merit investing in a target company.

Long Range Planning - Sales & Profit Projections via Name Migration
Mr. Grant has developed a model to project sales and profits over a five-year period. This model has been successfully used in a variety of situations: for start-up businesses, spin off businesses as well as on-going businesses for multichannel marketers. This projection-based model is built on a sophisticated name migration process.

MGD develops full year, seasonal as well as book by book revenue and order forecasts for single and multi-title direct to consumer and business companies. This provides marketers with options to look at their business from the ground up or from the top down.


Interim Circulation/Marketing Support for Catalogers
Michael Grant provides interim Circulation and Marketing Department management when clients are short staffed or looking to hire a new employee; he performs all Marketing Department functions including but not limited to circulation, e-mail, merge purge, printing, lettershop, paid search, SEO, mobile and social marketing.

Marketing and Circulation Planning and Analysis with Contact Strategy Development
Mr. Grant works with clients to develop integrated marketing and circulation plans. This includes determining the appropriate channels, contact strategies for each season, mailing and segment. Mr. Grant analyzes results for each channel and each campaign to the contribution level. Contact strategies are based on recent contribution history and all available client data.

Prospecting and Cooperative Databases
An integral part of executing marketing campaigns includes the acquisitions of new buyers. This incorporates the utilization of cooperative database names as well as rented list selections, creating tests for both mail, insert or other programs. Mr. Grant has worked with all of the cooperative database providers, utilizing the many models offered to generate the most profitable names.

House File Segmentation  and Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM)
This includes the review and revisions to RFM for buyer and non-buyer segments. While RFM is the most basic type of segmentation, it is the most important building block for more advanced segmentation efforts. A great part of many marketer's success is a good, sound RFM structure from which to add on extra variables or regression models.

Marketing Programs
MGD develops marketing programs to increase response rates from existing buyers. While good RFM segmentation is very important, the creation of appropriate promotional offers can provide the incremental lift to response rates that can transform an average program into an exceptional one.

Attribution Analysis
Internet sales now exceed 50% for many multichannel marketers and these sales come in through many different channels; it is critical to help clients develop customized  business rules to allocate revenues appropriately. The correct attribution enables marketers to determine which channels should get more (or less) marketing spend in the next marketing season (or year).

Database Design, Development & Implementation
Mr. Grant has been the client and the vendor with respect to databases. As a marketer, he has selected database vendors, has managed the migration of databases from one vendor to another as well as managed the marketing database. On the vendor side, Mr. Grant has also served as the point person for clients whose database was being migrated. He also served as the SVP, Director of Account Management at a small database marketing firm where he managed the databases for all of the company's upscale luxury clients; this included Tourneau, Equinox, Kenneth Cole, Lindt Chocolate, L'Oreal, Kiehl's, Lancome, Vacheron Constantin, Hello Kitty and Scholastic.

Analytics - Modeling and Analysis
MGD works with retailers on many levels; Mr. Grant determines when to build models as well as the different types of models that need to be created to address each custom situation.

Service Bureau Liaison
Most of Mr. Grant's assignments require him to be the liaison to the service bureau and in-house staff, managing all of the processing efforts ensuring they are completed on time and accurately. The efficient and timely delivery of contacts (online or offline) to customers and prospects has a huge impact on sales and profitability; the service bureau is at the center of all of this activity from managing the house file updates, merge purge and models to creating the final contact list for the printer and email provider to use. Mr. Grant has worked with many service bureaus in his twenty plus years in the industry.

Merchandise Analysis
Good creative and thorough segmentation and circulation planning are critical to the success of any marketer's programs. However, it is the ability to provide good merchandise that can differentiate one marketer from the rest. The analysis of merchandise performance enables a marketer to review results by units, dollars, margin, price offered and price sold.

Process Definition
Leveraging his Operations Research and Industrial Engineering background, MGD investigates and documents the data flows for businesses to ensure that all marketing requirements are identified. This includes capturing all events and transactions as well as all order, revenue and customer data associated with each transaction and each event.

Data Integrity
Many of Mr. Grant's early assignments required him to validate the integrity of the data being captured. In many cases, Mr. Grant determined that the data captured was either incomplete, incorrect or both; this required significant programming and process reconfiguration by the service bureau to capture all necessary data.